BGA Podcast Series: Understanding Germany

As part of their 70th anniversary celebrations this year, the BGA has released a new podcast series called Understanding Germany. This series supports their aim of providing insights  into, and in-depth discussions about, modern German society. They will be exploring topics  such as Germany's healthcare system, education system, and judiciary. A new episode will be released on a monthly basis until December.

In the first episode, Dr Ed Turner speaks to the BGA about German federalism.

Ed is Reader in Politics at Aston University, Co-Director of the Aston Centre for Europe and a Research Fellow of the Foreign Policy Centre. He is particularly interested in German politics, especially political parties and federalism, and also politics in the UK and in comparative perspective. Ed wrote his doctorate about the impact of political parties on public policy at the sub-national level in Germany. He is acting Chair of the International Association for the Study of German Politics.

The podcasts may be found on the BGA website.