The Dresden Trust: the Path to Reconciliation

In February 1945, the Royal Air Force destroyed the historical centre of Dresden, killing 25,000 people in one night. Was it a shameful act of wanton destruction, or was it justified to bring the War to an end? Marcus Ferrar, Chairman of The Dresden Trust, explains the pros and cons, and tells how Britain achieved reconciliation with the people of Dresden. Whereas Britons were still treated with hostility 30 years ago, today they are warmly welcomed.

Marcus worked as a foreign correspondent for Reuters, amongst other places in communist East Germany. He has written books about Germany, post-war massacres in ex-Yugoslavia, the Holocaust in Hungary and the fight for freedom. He was born and brought up in England, and had a German mother.

Online presentation at Cheltenham German Club, 12th February 2021 at 19.30h
Marcus Ferrar, Chairman of The Dresden Trust

This talk will be in English