** UPDATED** German Club and Everyman German conversation group walk Friday 5th August

Liebe Freunde, Liebe Freundinnen
On Friday 5th August there will be a walk for members, family and friends of the Cheltenham German Club and the Everyman German conversation group. The timing of the Wanderung has been changed to make sure that we can stop to have a chat in the café afterwards. The walk will now start at 1.15 pm from the car park in front of the Castle Kitchen Pantry and Visitor Centre at the entrance to Sudeley Castle, GL54 5LP. (Sue Moos will be there at 1pm so that we can start meeting up and be ready to be off as soon as everyone has arrived.) The walk is expected to last about an hour and a half and will end back at the café where we will have a chance to have refreshments, a drink and talk. The Pantry only accepts cards, not cash.

The café would like to know roughly how many of us to expect so if you are interested in coming, could you please let Peter Sands know at this email address club@cheltgesell.uk

Getting from Cheltenham to Winchcombe by bus

The Stagecoach W bus leaves Pittville Street at 12.35. pm, arriving in Winchcombe just before 1 pm. This gives time to walk to the car park at Sudeley Castle where the walk begins at 1.15.

Returning from Winchcombe to Cheltenham after the walk

The W bus leaves from the war memorial in Winchcombe at



If you are planning to catch the W bus from Cheltenham to Winchcombe

The W bus has been very unreliable lately because of a shortage of drivers. In several cases the bus has failed to appear at all. You may therefore feel that you don't want to rely on the 12.35 W bus to get to the start of the walk for 1.15. Other options could include

1. Catching the 11.35 W bus and having lunch in a café or pub in Winchcombe (e.g. The Corner Cupboard, the White Hart Inn, Honey Bea's café). If the 11.35 failed to turn up you would still have time to fall back on a Plan B.

2. Catching the Pulham's 606 bus at 11.50 which travels by a roundabout route but arrives in Winchcombe at 12.42 (the scenic option). Pulhams are much more reliable that Stagecoach at the moment.

3. Arranging to share a car with other members who are going on the walk.

The Stagecoach Contact Number is 0345 241 8000 and it is staffed between 8:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Friday and between 09:00 and 17:00 Saturday and Sunday.